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RepairsWe repair all major name brand window coverings nationwide. The list below shows all brand name window coverings we currently repair. If the desired brand is not listed or was custom-made, contact BlindSaver ATX to find out if your blinds can be repaired.

Hunter Douglas Graber/Springs Bali
Kirsch Levolor Timberblinds
Nanik Comfortex Kensington
Verosol Smith & Noble Louverdrape
Alta Delmar M&B Window Covering
Prestige Window Fashions Mark Window Coverings Skandia Window Fashions
Plus, many private label or custom made blinds

Please note that all blind fabricators frequently make upgrades and changes to existing products or styles to improve them. In some cases, blind parts will not be available for repair, and modifications to update the mini-blinds and window coverings may not be cost effective.

Blind Repair Types

Mini Blind RepairsMini Blind Repair
BlindSaver is able to do repairs on all major name brand or private label, custom made, one-inch aluminum mini-blinds. Some of the more common repairs for mini-blinds are re-stringing, replacing the tilter, replacing the cord-lock, and replacing bent or damaged slats.

2 Inch Blind Repairs2" Blind Repair
2" window blinds are available in wood, composite wood, faux wood, and aluminum. Similar to mini blinds, the more common repairs for 2" blinds are re-stringing, replacing wide cotton tapes and the braided ladders that hold the slats in place, tape barrels, broken wood wands, and finally, replacing bad or damaged slats.

Pleated Shade RepairsPleated Shades Repair
Pleated Shades are not as popular as cellular shades but are making a slow comeback into the window covering industry for their many available textures and fabric selections. Like cellular shades, the most common repairs are re-stringing, loop cords, cord guides, and replacing cord-locks and clutch control units.

Cellular Shade RepairsCellular Shade Repair
Cellular Shades are available in many different pleat sizes; The most common are the single and double row of cellular shades. We have found the most common repairs to include re-stringing, loop cords, cord guides, and replacing the cord-locks and clutch control units.

Roman Shade RepairsRoman Shade Repair
Roman Shades are available in many styles. The most popular roman shades come standard with pull strings. Roman shades, like Pleated and Cellular shades, are available with a loop cord upgrade. Common roman shade repairs include re-stringing, replacing cord-locks, and loop control units.

Natural Shade RepairsNatural Shade Repair
Natural Shades have similar control options and are built in the same manner as Roman Shades. We commonly repair the re-stringing of Natural Shades, replacing cord-locks, and loop control units.

Roller Shade RepairsRoller Shades Repair
Roller Shades are available with spring rollers and loop cords, or beaded chain clutch units. The most common repairs for Roller Shades are replacing the rollers, replacing broken chains or loop cords, replacing clutch units, and finally the end plugs.

Silhouette Shade RepairsSilhouette Shade Repair
Silhouettes are a popular soft shade with the look of a blind, but the softness of a shade. The most common repairs are replacing end caps, control units, loop cords, and installation brackets.

Motorhome/RV/Van Blind RepairMotorhome/RV/Van Blind Repair
Whether you drive a customized conversion van, or have a small to large RV they all have window coverings. We also work on the fully customized coaches luxury living on wheels.

Drapery RodsGraber Drapery Rods & Hardware
We carry drapery rods and drapery hardware of all shapes and sizes. From traverse rods to curtain rods, we repair with known drapery hardware companies, like Graber.

Re-Sizing ServicesRe-Sizing Services
Whether you are moving to a new home or simply moving your blinds to another window, we can resize existing blinds or window treatments.

Cut Down Service

Things to keep in mind on all blind repairs

We call several window coverings "Ready Made", which are window coverings that are pre-made and ready to install out of the box. A disadvantage to this type of purchase is that many Ready made blinds or shades are not repairable when something breaks; In addition, parts are not easily available. Custom made window coverings cost more, but are a better long-term investment that can be repaired when needed.

Please be advised that some repairs will require special order parts or modifications that will affect the final cost of repair. Please fill out our Online Repair Form for an estimate for blind repair.

HD Certified InstallerIf you live in or around the Austin, Texas area we have drop-off/pick-up locations and also offer on-site service calls. With over 23 years in the window industry, you can trust BlindSaver ATX to measure, install, and repair all your window coverings. Give us a call or contact us via the Online Repair Form and one of our experienced, certified installers will be happy to arrange an appointment with you.

Printable Order Form
For those that like doing business the old-fashioned way, we still offer a printable order form. Payments may be made by check, money order or credit cards. Once you fill out the information, simply fax, mail, or email it back to us for immediate processing.
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