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Woven Wood : How To Replace A Cord Clutch

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Roller Shade Clutches

Problem: Shade will not raise or lower. Possible causes: Clutch may be broken, clutch disc may be detached from rod or broken, spears may not be correct size for the length of shade. Solutions: Replace clutch; reseat clutch disc to rod; if it is determined the spears are not the correct length, return shade to factory for repair.

The following directions are for replacing the clutch. Instructions for reseating clutch disc can be found posted on the website under troubleshooting. Tools required: Phillips screwdriver, awl or small flat tip screwdriver.

1. Remove shade from window and lay on a flat surface with front (valance) facing toward you. Repair Cord Clutch 7. With new clutch, push cord loop up through the clutch housing from underside. Repair Cord Clutch
2. Remove the 2 screws holding the clutch to the headrail. Repair Cord Clutch 8. Push cord into gear teeth and rotate gear with cord all the way around gear. Repair Cord Clutch
3. With the awl or the small flat tip screwdriver, slide the spears from the notch. Rotate the clutch by way of cord to reach each spear. Repair Cord Clutch 9. Align spears to slots on clutch. Repair Cord Clutch
4. Grasp clutch assembly with one hand and with other hand work the clutch from the spears. Repair Cord Clutch 10. Grasp clutch assembly and push clutch onto aligned spears and continuing pushing until spears click into place. Repair Cord Clutch
5. With the clutch removed, hold clutch and push a part of cord up through clutch housing. Repair Cord Clutch 11. Align screw holes in clutch to holes on headrail and replace screws.

12. Reinstall shade in window and test operation.
6. Grasp cord and pull with gear teeth to remove cord from gear. Repair Cord Clutch

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