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Cellular Shade : How To Replace A Cord Lock

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Cellular Shade Cord Locks

1. Remove shade from installation brackets. Unscrew joiner ball. Cut cords close to knot and washer. Repair Cord Lock 7. Thread the cords from the headrail around the roller, under the pawl and over the saddle. Repair Cord Lock
2. Remove cord lock and color cap by pulling out of headrail. Repair Cord Lock 8. Next the valve is inserted. Hook the cords through the valve and then seat the valve into the bigger grooves behind the saddle. Repair Cord Lock
3. Pry off color cap cover to expose cord lock assembly. Pull cord out and away from assembly and discard assembly. Repair Cord Lock 9. Make sure the metal side of the pawl is under the wing of the valve. Repair Cord Lock
4. The replacement cord lock comes unassembled. This is so it can be restrung. The parts that are sent are: a) Base, b) Roller, c) Valve, d) Saddle. Repair Cord Lock 10. Replace the color cap onto the base making sure that the roller stays in place. Push straight down on the cap with your thumbs until you hear a loud "snap". Repair Cord Lock
The Pawl (e) is already inserted when it is received. Remember to specify when ordering replacement cord locks whether it is a right or left cord lock for this will determine how the pawl is installed.
5. First the saddle is placed into the grooves. The saddle has rails on both ends that will slide into grooves on the base. Slide the saddle all the way down into the grooves. Repair Cord Lock 11. Now slide the finished cord lock assembly into the headrail and taking care to keep from pinching the cords between the cord lock assembly and the headrail. Repair Cord Lock
6. Next slide the roller onto the post of the base. There is no top or bottom on the roller. Repair Cord Lock 12. Thread both cords through the top of the joiner ball and washer and tie a knot securing the washer. Screw on bottom half of joiner ball. Repair Cord Lock

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