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2" Blind : How To Replace A Cord Tilter

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2" Cord Tilters

1. Cord tilt: Untie or snip tassels from cord on cord-tilt end. Remove tassels and grommet and put aside.
Wand Tilt: Remove wand.
Repair Cord Tilter
2. Using small mallet or hammer, tap to remove end stiffeners on both ends of headrail. Repair Cord Tilter
3. Slide tilt-rod away from tilter taking care not to slide it past the drum. Repair Cord Tilter
4. Spread headrail enough to pop out tilter. Repair Cord Tilter
5. Pull tilter and cord away from headrail and discard. Repair Cord Tilter
6. Thread new cord-tilter cord down through opening and insert new tilter. Notice the square lip on the tilter and make sure this lip seats into the hole and then snap tilter in place under lip on headrail. Repair Cord Tilter
7. Slide tilt rod back through tilter.

Note: On the cord tilter for the 2 1⁄2" blinds, the black tab on the inside wheel, where the rod goes through, must be in the upright position before the tilt rod is slid back through the tilter.
Repair Cord Tilter
8. Replace end stiffners by tapping them under lip in headrail. Make sure the flat edge faces up. Repair Cord Tilter
9. Cord Tilt: Retie tassels and grommets onto cord.
Wand Tilt: Replace wand.

You're done!
Repair Cord Tilter

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