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2" Blind : How To Replace A Slat

Sometimes a horizontal slat will become damaged and the need of replacing it will arise. It would be a great deal more pleasant to go ahead and do the repair in the home. It's possible and extremely simple. Here's how:
1. Remove the bottomrail plugs. Repair Replace Slat
2. Under the plugs you will find the ladder and knotted lift cord. Push the ladder aside and pull the lift cord out and cut the knot. Repair Replace Slat
3. Pull lift cord up through the slats to the slat that needs replacing. The damaged slat can then be slid out from the ladder and replaced with a new slat. Repair Replace Slat
4. Re-thread the lift cord back down through the slats making sure to weave the lift cord through the ladder rungs from right to left. Repair Replace Slat
5. Push the life cord through the bottomrail and retie the knot. Repair Replace Slat
6. Stuff the lift cord and ladder back into the holes in the bottomrail and replace bottomrail plugs. You're done! Repair Replace Slat

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