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Cellular Shade : How To Re-String

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1. Remove both end caps from bottom rail, one end cap from top rail. Repair Blind String
2. Remove cord lock from top rail. Repair Shade String
3. Slide bottom rail and top rail exposing cords inside shade. Replace Blind String
4. To calculate the proper amount of string use the window height x 2 + shade width + 12 inches. Replace Shade String
5. Remove old string. Place washers aside for use in next step. Then insert new string with threading needle and pull cords through.string Repair Blind/Shade String
6. Tie off new cords at the bottom using washer from old cord to prevent cord from pulling through. Repair Blind/Shade String
7. Slide bottom and top rail back on shade. Replacement Shade String
8. Thread string into cord lock and reinsert cord lock back into top rail. Repair Blind String
9. Reinstall both end caps on bottom rail and the one end cap on the top rail. Replacement Blind String
10. Measure from the cord lock down and add 2 inches, install the cord condenser ball. You will have 2 to 4 cords coming out of the shade (depending on the size of the shade) that will tie off inside of the cord condenser ball. You will also need a 1.8 mm size cord that is used as the pull string. This will be a single string that will be used to pull the shade up and down. This string is usually half the length of the string. You're done!

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