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2" Blind : How To Rewind A Cord Tilt

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2 Cord Tilters

1. Locate hole in backside of wheel on cord tilter mechanism (see arrow in picture to right).

Repair Blind Cord Tilter

6. With same side of cord, set in slot on wheel and then wrap cord four times around wheel in a clockwise direction.

Repair Shade Cord Tilter

2. Feed one end of approximately 11 feet of cord through hole in wheel.

Fix Cord Tilter

7. With other end of cord, set in slot on front of wheel and wrap cord in the opposite direction, counter-clockwise, four times.

Replace Blind Cord Tilter

3. Pull half of length of cord through wheel.

Replace Shade Cord Tilter

8. Feed each end of cord into holes of hinged part of tilter mechanism.

Repair Blind Cord Tilter

4. Cross over cord on wheel through slots.

Repair Cord Tilter

9. Fold up hinged part of tilter mechanism and test cording by pulling on one end of cord and then the other to ensure smooth operation of tilter mechanism.

Fix Shade Cord Tilter

5. Feed end of crossed-over cord back through hole in wheel.

Repair Shade Cord Tilter

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