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Woven Wood : How To Re-Cord Shade

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There may come a time a cord breaks on a woven wood shade for some reason or another. Don't fret, this is an easy fix. Follow along with these instructions and accompanying pictures.

First things first. Remove shade from window and place shade on a flat surface front side down. Flip over the valance to expose the head rail. Untie the cord from the bottom guide tie-off ring located on the backside of the shade near the bottom hem. Determine which cord in the cordlock, located on the headrail, is the broken cord and pull the broken cord free from the pulley and cordlock.
1. To re-cord, insert cord end into cordlock between cord separators and then between the rollers. Repair Cord For Woven Wood Shade
2. Thread cord through top of pulley. If the first cordis the one being replaced, then pull cord down through side of the pulley. If the broken cordis the next one in line, run cord to the appropiate pulley and then run down through pulley.

3. Lift up the headrail from the flat surface enough to see the grommet in the fabric. Run the cord through this grommet to the back side of the shade. Pull a fair amount of cord through to work on the back side of the shade.
Replacement Woven Wood Shade Cord
4. Fan-fold the shade fabric so the guide rings line up close together.

5.Thread cord through all the guide rings. Tie a knot on the bottom guide tie-off ring.
Repair Woven Wood Shade Cord
6. Flip shade over to show the front side. Stretch out to full length. The tasseled end of the cords will reach to the midway point of the shade. Woven Wood Cord Repair
7. Add a tassel onto the new cord. Thread cord into top end of tassel, insert cord into tassel grommet (small end first), tie a knot on the end of the cord then pull knot up into the tassel. Repair Woven Wood Shade String

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